Product Features and Applications of Galvanized Steel Wire Used in Cables

Galvanized steel wire is a popular material used in a variety of cable applications due to its unique properties. Some of the key features of galvanized steel wire are:

1. Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized steel wire is coated with a layer of zinc which provides excellent protection against corrosion.

2. High Tensile Strength: Galvanized steel wire has high tensile strength, meaning it can withstand heavy loads and stress without breaking.

3. Ductility: Galvanized steel wire has excellent ductility, which means it can be easily bent and formed without cracking or breaking.

4. Uniform Quality: Galvanized steel wire is manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring uniformity in its strength and other properties.

Applications of galvanized steel wire in cables include:

1. Power Cables: Galvanized steel wire is used in power cables to provide strength and support to the cable structure.

2. Communication Cables: Galvanized steel wire is used in communication cables to provide strength and support to the cable structure.

3. Suspension Bridges: Galvanized steel wire is used in the construction of suspension bridges to provide strength and support to the bridge structure.

4. Wire Mesh: Galvanized steel wire is used in the manufacture of wire mesh products such as fencing, mesh screens, and other industrial applications.

Overall, the corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, ductility, and uniform quality of galvanized steel wire make it an ideal material for use in a variety of cable applications.

New Products:

35X7 (6/1) Compacted - Rotation Resistant

This compacted wire rope construction is available in both galvanised and ungalvanised finish with either ordinary or langs lay. The construction family includes 32X7, 35X7 and 37X7.


Depending upon your requirement for higher breaking load or better wear characteristics, these wire ropes are available in different finishes and lubrications as well as being available with plastic impregnated or in compacted constructions.

  • Applications

  • Offshore crane rope

  • Deck crane rope

  • Pillar crane rope

  • Whip hoist rope

  • Main hoist rope

  • Crane rope

Knowledge of patented wire

The term “patented wire” refers to a particular process through which steel wire is strengthened to particular specifications, rather than an actual type of wire. Sometimes called “improved plow steel” or “extra improved plow steel” wire, patented wire is high-carbon, high-tensile steel wire that has been put through a special heat-treatment process for added durability and strength. For this reason, patented wire is popular for use in the manufacturing of wire rope, music wire and high tensile spring applications.

The patenting process, developed in England, involves running high-carbon steel wires through tubes in a furnace heated to a temperature of 970 ˚F, then rapidly cooling the wire in air or molten lead. This has the effect of strengthening the wire without separating the iron from the other elements in the wire.
Patented wire can be made to a variety of hardness levels, depending mainly on the carbon level in the steel prior to quenching. It is also available in a variety of diameter sizes.

Modern wire rope was invented by the German mining engineer Wilhelm Albert in the years between 1831 and 1834 for use in mining in the Harz Mountains in Clausthal, Lower Saxony, Germany. It was quickly accepted because it proved superior strength from ropes made of hemp or of metal chains, such as had been used before. Wilhelm Albert's first ropes consisted of three strands consisting of four wires each. In 1840, Scotsman Robert Stirling Newall improved the process further.

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