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Electro Galvanized Barbed Wire

PVC Coated Barbed wire
PVC coated Barbed Wire is also named Barb Wire, it is widely used by in military field, agriculture,
prisons, detention houses, government buildings and other national security facility; Barbed Wire is
also used as fence for cottage and society fence, and other private buildings.
Features: PVC coated barbed wire can be installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping
to the aggressive perimeter intruders, wire with galvanization and PVC coating can prevent corrosion.
Material of PVC coated barbed wire : PVC coat Iron Wire
Specifications of barbed wire
TypeWire gauge (SWG)Barb distance (cm)Barb length  (cm)
Electric galvanized10 * 127.5-151.5-3
 12 * 12
Barbed wire, hot dipped zinc plating barbed wire12 * 14
 14 * 14
 14 * 16
 16 * 16
 16 * 18
Pvc coated barbed wire,PE barbed wireBefore coatingAfter coating7.5-151.5-3
 PVC PE coating thickness:0.4mm-0.6mm;different color or length are available as customers request  
Weaving way of barbed wire:normal weaving and twist weaving
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